Building a Campus Security Program _ John Vinson

Protecting your college campus is of the utmost importance and it makes sense to have a solid strategy in place. Building a campus safety and security program will be easier if you approach things in the right way. Read on to examine things that you need to pay attention to when coming up with your program. If you use this information wisely, then you should be able to have the best security program possible.

Building a Diverse Team

Building a diverse campus safety team is going to be helpful. Ideally, you’re going to want to have security personnel placed throughout your campus. This ensures that you’ll have people to help respond to an emergency in every part of the school. Build a crisis management team that includes school faculty, student body members, and campus security officials.

Write Guidelines

Write guidelines that you can follow in the event of an emergency. For example, you want to know what to do if a weather-related emergency occurs on the campus. If you need to evacuate everyone on the campus, it’ll be good to have a plan for making the evacuation go smoothly. Take time to develop a plan and make sure that you have these guidelines posted so that your security team understands what needs to be done.

Hold Regular Meetings and Provide Training

Holding regular meetings and providing training to members of the security program will also be useful. You can discuss plans and can also address any concerns that might be brought up by members of your campus safety program. Take the time to plan ahead and get your team ready to deal with a potential crisis. These planning sessions will help you to feel ready to take action if something does occur.


Making sure that you’re able to communicate with your campus safety team is imperative. You want to be able to communicate with the team immediately during a crisis event. Make sure that everyone has access to text messaging systems and consider setting up emergency communications channels. You need to be able to coordinate and mobilize to keep the campus safe when something happens.