Future of Campus Safety _ John Vinson

Keeping college campuses safe takes a lot of work. In modern times, campuses use technology to help keep students and faculty members safe. The security of the future will become even more technology-based. Take a look at how campus security of the future might differ from how things are now.


Smartphones are already being used to help improve campus security. In the future, smartphones will become an even bigger piece of the puzzle. Smartphones could be used to track students’ locations if necessary and they also provide students with constant access to a communication channel where they can call for help. This can be expanded upon in many ways too.

Special Apps

Special apps can make it simpler for students to report incidents and they will be able to reach out for help silently. A dedicated campus security app can be created to give students a direct line to seek out help at any moment. Some college campuses already have special apps that are devoted to campus security. These apps can be improved in the future to implement new features that can keep students even safer.

Students can use apps such as this to report concerns anonymously as well. It makes it easier for threats to be recognized early. Some might be shy about approaching security in person and they might fear reprisal by unsavory individuals. These apps eliminate problems such as these by making it as simple as possible to report concerns or actual incidents that have occurred.

GPS Location Technology

Everyone uses GPS units in the modern era but GPS technology can be further implemented to keep people safe on college campuses. In-building GPS implementation can give law enforcement officials more information about specifics when there is an emergency. This allows for proper planning and gives the police information about physical data that can help them to save lives. Aside from this, GPS technology can also be used to locate people by finding their smartphones.

Everyone carries a smartphone in modern times and this can be used to the advantage of campus security. It’s possible that people could be found using their cellphones via a WiFi locator. Any smartphones that are connected to the network would be broadcasting their positions and it’ll make it easier to pinpoint where people are when they need help. Measures such as this will help campuses of the future to be safer than ever.