Empowering Students to Stay Safe _ John Vinson

You want the students on your campus to be able to feel safe so that they can focus on getting an education. It’s crucial to have good campus safety strategies in place and you also have to focus on hiring the right campus security officials. It’s also possible to empower your students so that they can help themselves to stay safe. Take a look at the following ways that you can help students to make colleges safer.

Campus Safety Training Programs

Ensuring that students have access to campus safety training programs is a great place to start. Students can learn important information through these programs and it’ll make it easier for them to recognize dangers. They will understand how to report potential problems and will also understand prevention methods. Many schools offer online video-based campus safety training programs that are convenient to use.

Open Communication Channels

Students need to feel as though they can communicate with the security staff openly. If students see something suspicious, then they should feel that they can report what they saw very easily. Make sure that all students have access to communication channels and do your best to make them feel safe. It’s important for students to know that they can report things anonymously and that the campus security staff will always be ready to help if they are personally dealing with some type of danger as well.

Develop an App

Developing an app for your students will also be very helpful. This can make it easier than ever for students to report problems on the campus. Students will be more likely to inform the campus authorities of wrongdoing if they can do so anonymously through an app. This is the quickest way to get information from the student body and should be available in addition to in-person reporting methods.

Share Your Results Openly

Share the results of your security efforts with the college campus openly. You should let students and faculty members alike know what your department has accomplished. It will help everyone to feel safer by letting them know that professionals are looking out for everyone on the campus. Students need to know that safety is a priority and that steps are in place to ensure that everyone can have a positive college experience.