Increasing Campus Safety _ John Vinson

Keeping your college campus safe is going to take a bit of work on your part. There are many potential threats that need to be addressed and you need to treat the issue of campus security as a serious topic. Take a look at the following four tips for increasing campus safety. They should help you to feel more prepared to handle certain events and you’ll be in a better position overall.

  1. Integration Matters

You want all of your security measures to be integrated seamlessly. Having cameras set up is good but you need everything to work together so that you can use these tools effectively during a crisis. Ensure that components such as your access control system, security cameras, and gunshot detection devices are capable of working together. The integration will prove to be crucial when you’re trying to deal with an emergency situation on the campus.

  1. Make Sure That Law Enforcement Has Information

Ensuring that law enforcement is given access to information will help to keep your campus safer. They will be able to react properly in the event of an emergency and can use the information that you’re giving them to save lives. Consider giving law enforcement the ability to look at live feeds from your campus at all times and try to integrate map data into your access control system. This will tell officers exactly where they need to go when something occurs.

  1. Work with Experts in the Field of Security

Working with experts in the field of security will allow you to make good decisions for your campus. You can ask for advice so that you can determine which of your systems need to be upgraded. It’s also beneficial to cultivate a good relationship with local law enforcement and other authorities. This will give you the ability to protect things better and you can get insight from the people who deal with threats all the time.

  1. Form Smart Partnerships

Forming smart partnerships can help to protect your campus as well. For example, you might want to form a partnership with a technology company that offers surveillance equipment. Partnering with a security technology company can help the school to get access to much-needed equipment and they can help you with integrating the technology. If you want campus security to be easier for you, then looking into partnership opportunities like this will be very beneficial.