Student Government Playing a Role in Safety _ John Vinson

You know how crucial it is for schools to take campus security safely. The campus security staff plays a huge role in keeping all of the students and faculty members safe. It’s also possible to enlist the help of the student government and they can play a more significant role than you might realize. Read on to examine how you can help the student government to assist in keeping the campus safe.

Student-Created Safety Programs

The student government can help to make the campus a safer place in several ways. One of the most important things to consider is creating certain programs to improve the safety of students. Some student governments have made programs that will help people to avoid potentially dangerous situations. For example, one of the most dangerous prospects for many students is having to walk to a parking garage when it is dark outside.

Many female students feel especially threatened by this and sexual assaults on college campuses are a real concern. Student governments across the nation have started creating programs where students can walk with a chaperone to their cars to help them get back home safely. This helps to eliminate or deter certain threats and is an excellent idea overall. The student government can work together to help create many programs like this that will improve campus life for everyone.

Providing Mental Health Support

The student government could also help to set up groups to provide mental health support. Many students face a lot of stress due to dealing with exams and the financial burdens of trying to get through college. It can be helpful for students to know that they have someone to talk to when times are getting tough. This could prove to be an excellent suicide prevention method and will make it easier for students to reach out when they know that they’re having problems.

Developing and Monitoring a Campus Safety App

You might want the student body to help with monitoring a campus safety app as well. An app is a great way for students to be able to give anonymous tips about suspicious activities on the campus. It can help people to reach out when they are too nervous to do so face-to-face. Student government members can help to keep an eye on this app and can follow up on the information that is being given.