Role of Campus Police _ John Vinson

Protecting college campuses from various threats is imperative. Knowing this, it’s important to have the right people in place to take care of different issues. Campus police, security guards, and law enforcement all work to protect campuses in their own ways. Keep reading to explore the responsibilities of campus police, security guards, and law enforcement so that you can get a better idea of what each of them does.

Campus Police

Campus police play a very important role when it comes to protecting college campuses. Their role is similar to that of traditional police officers but it is different in a few ways. One of the largest roles of campus police is to protect people from campus shootings and to be the first line of defense. They’re also responsible for protecting students, responding to weather-related emergencies, helping out with fire emergencies, and helping with first aid when necessary.

Security Guards

Security guards are there to provide support to the traditional campus police. Typically, a security guard is going to provide front-end security services. This means being stationed at specific points around the campus as well as walking the campus grounds to look out for threats. Most security guards are hired through third-party agencies and will be less focused on providing help during emergencies.

If an emergency does occur, then security guards are trained to communicate with campus police. The security guards might be the lowest protectors on the list in terms of their responsibilities but they are still very helpful. These security guards do great work to help ensure the safety of modern college campuses. It’s simply important to understand their role on the campus and to know that certain matters need to be handled by campus police.

Law Enforcement

For the most part, law enforcement will only be helping out at a college campus during an emergency situation. This means that if a major problem occurs, police officers will be called in to help handle things. You might see police officers on a college campus to respond to an active shooter situation or to help with evacuation during a weather-related emergency. Law enforcement officers will always be ready to help when they are needed.