Improving Campus Safety Part 2_ John Vinson

Campus safety is critical for more than keeping students safe on campus. Studies show that when students feel safe on campus, they do better in school. Taking steps to improve campus safety requires an ongoing evaluation of current policies and procedures as well as the flexibility and insight to modify them as needed for improvements.

  1. Implement the Five Steps to Improving Campus Safety From Part One

This article is the second of a two-part series. In Part One, the following five steps were outlined:

  • Define the problem
  • Identify weaknesses and threats to security
  • Create new security plans
  • Get everyone on campus involved
  • Be flexible and open-minded
  1. Have Administrators Assist in Campus Safety Plans

It is important for administrators to play a role in the campus safety plan by making clear goals, enforcing the rules, and giving recommendations to the security department. This will help to ensure that everyone is looking for the most effective strategy to improve safety.

  1. Create Incident Reporting Tools

Incident reporting tools will improve campus safety. The software can be used to have a uniform reporting system and staff can be trained to use it effectively. It is important to have a comprehensive system for reporting. The system needs to include a collection of data and reporting as well as analysis. The analysis can help to prevent future incidents.

  1. Implement Physical Training Programs

Physical training programs will enable everyone to know how to deal with a potentially dangerous situation. There should be procedures and everyone should be trained. This will not only provide protection against future incidents but it will make people feel safer as well.

  1. Implement Software Training Programs

Even if you have a great security software program in place, it will not be effective unless people know how to use it. When you train people on how to use the system, they will be more likely to use it to report incidents, which will provide more data for a more effective analysis.

  1. Promote Awareness and Participation

The more involved everyone is, the more likely it is that the college campus will be safer. Have informational sessions and make sure that everyone knows what steps are being taken for safety. Make the community and the staff feel as though they have control of the outcome by giving them information and tools to participate in the process.