Safety is critical when you are on campus, and you need to pay attention so that you can be prepared if something goes wrong. In addition to paying attention to your surroundings and trusting your instincts, you can use on-campus security apps. Take a look at some of the best ones to try. 

Circle of 6

When you use this app, you will select six people to be emergency contacts. You can tap a button to send out a text or your location to any of them, and you can tell them you need help, you need to be picked up, or you need them to call. The app will allow you to dial 911 if you have an emergency. 


This app uses GPS so that you are safer. It can send a link to friends you choose so that they can track you. If your phone recognizes anything out of the ordinary in your motions, it will ask you if you are okay. If you don’t respond in 15 seconds, it will sound an alarm and alert the police. It sends the police your GPS location so that help will come right away. 


This app allows you two-way communication with campus security. It lets you send details if a crime occurs, and you can also send your GPS location. If you have pictures of the person who assaulted you, you can send it as well, and it will go to all of the campus security officers who are available.


You can use this app along with compatible devices such as surveillance cameras. You will be able to receive a live security video feed so that you can monitor your dorm or apartment when you are away from home. If there is an intruder, you will be able to send videos to the police, and you can see what they did and what they took. 


This app allows you to store important phone numbers, including the police, campus security, hotlines, and friends. You will be able to quickly access them if you have an emergency. It also has a panic button that you can use to alert the police. It will send your location if anything happens.