Technology is constantly developing and transforming the way everyone does things. It is becoming more efficient and increasing possibilities for communication, safety, and interconnectedness. As new technology is created, it is adopted on campuses to enhance security. Take a look at some of the trends that are shaping campus security. 

Mobile Adoption

The trend is moving away from desktop apps to mobile. People are using their mobile devices for everything today, and more and more apps are created to enhance campus security. There are apps that can link to campus security to keep students and faculty members safe, and there are apps that allow people to report suspicious activities. It is important to have mobile credentials to make mobile apps more secure. 

An Increase in Interoperability

Interoperability is the ability for different technology systems to communicate with each other, exchange information, and interpret that information. Rather than having individual tech for different applications, universities are starting to use technology that works across the board. They will choose technology that is compatible and works across the board. One smart card can relate to electronic locks, readers, dining, bookstore purchases, laundry, and more. They are choosing cards that can be used with many different hardware. 

Contactless Card for All Transactions

Technology has shown people that you can have contactless functionality. The Apple Card allows people to make purchases without sharing their credit card, and students expect this to be transferred to the college experience. Students are happy with the full-service campus card, but making it digital and mobile is what they will expect. They have moved from key rings to plastic ID cards; then, there was a shift from credit cards and memberships cards to where everything moves into the digital wallet. They will make this shift because people know that it can happen, and they expect it. If universities want to attract students, they will likely adopt this technology. 

Final Words

Technology is exploding right now, and it is important for universities to keep up with it. It is possible to integrate new technology with mobile devices and make sure that students have the ability to feel safe and communicate. The key is to make sure everything is mobile, and offer security through these apps as well.